Welcome to VDX2020!

Welcome to VDX2020 Virtual Expo and Tradeshow.  This is the main dashboard to find, view, share, and revisit presentations and can be accessed using a computer, tablet or phone. You must be a registered attendee to access all meeting content. Program schedule will continue to be updated. Finalized agenda will be posted September 1. Registered attendees will receive an email alert on August 15, and can sign-in to build their schedule and will return here to participate in sessions and events during the meeting.

VDX2020 brings together thousands of dental clinicians to present, learn, network and find inspiration for the important work they do.  Registered attendees will have access to live and recorded continuing education webinars, product demonstrations,  and events. Use the navigation pane on the left to find sessions, events, attendees and more. 

A critical component of the meeting is Virtual Dental Expo -- Exhibitor Hall. Schedule time to explore the Expo, choose from hundreds of exhibitors to meet and learn about their products, services, innovative research, careers,  and more. This is also the place to connect with representatives in the Career Fair.

Please note: All live events are scheduled for Pacific Time